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Hi. I'm FUJI.

I am your Republican Candidate. My name F-U-J-I stands for FAMILY UNITY JUSTICE INTEGRITY. As an elected public library trustee, compassionate disruptor, & your next California Governor, I will make contacting elected officials easier for voters like you & me to ensure genuine transparency & accountability; welcome to Governor Contact.

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As a self-funded genuine Pro-Life candidate & elected official, FUJI is proud to have family and friends that consist of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, & Independents. He shares Libertarian ideals such as individualism and voluntary association. FUJI has consistently supported Democrat pro-immigrant policies, universal healthcare & universal education. Likewise, FUJI has faithfully advocated for Republican Pro-Life issues. As a genuine Independent, FUJi has never belonged or been beholden to the Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian political parties, lobbyists, unions, special interests, or foreign governments. We want to know your concerns, ideas, & questions.

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Paid for by me and the power of prayer & fellowship, your self-funded Pro-Life Independent California Gubernatorial Candidate, and NOT by SuperPacs, lobbyists, Big Tech, dark money, nonprofits, or foreign governments and their agents or representatives.

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